Monday, November 07, 2005

"US does not torture," Bush says

"We do not torture," Mr Bush told reporters during a visit to Panama..."Any activity we conduct is within the law."


US general concedes abuse was torture
One year after Abu Ghraib, torture continues - Amnesty International
Letter shows Guantanamo torture
Cheney, Senate split over ban on torture
Red Cross: Iraq abuse "tantamount to torture"
Justice department memo says torture may be justified

Of course we don't torture, Mr. President. Because that's what Karl told you, and Karl doesn't lie, oh no, sir, everything's just fine in Iraq and in Cuba and everything's wonderful and lovely and everyone loves you despite what polls say and they're just polls and you're the most brilliant man I've ever met.

Tim: Okay, so perhaps he was a bit out of line on that one, but what do you expect him to do? "Yeah, we torture because we have to" doesn't go over very well.

Pat: You know, there's a reason torture doesn't go over very well, and that's because it's despicable. Heck, it's not even efficient. It's just torture. I thought he was supposed to be the ethical, straightforward guy. Just come clean--say "yeah, we torture, and we have to." None of this, "Oh, no, ignore all eyewitness accounts and photo evidence to the contrary, we never torture" crap.

Oh, and amusingly enough, on FoxNews:


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