Thursday, November 03, 2005

The protestors are coming! The protestors are coming!

More than 1,000 protesters gathered in the Federal Plaza in the Loop on Wednesday, calling for an end to the Bush administration.
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Tim: all do realize that we have a document called a Constitution, right? And in that Constitution, it nowhere states that a presidency can be revoked merely because people wish it to be? The conditions under which he can leave:

1. He resigns.
2. He is incapacitated or killed.
3. His term ends and he has not been re-elected.
4. He is impeached and removed from office.
5. The Constitution is changed so as to add a new rule here, or is no longer the law of the land.

Now I've seen nothing from him implying that he intends to leave merely because his approval rating is (according to today's CBS poll) 35%. Presidents don't resign because their polls hit a low spot. And since his approval rating is higher than either congressional Republicans' or Cheney's, his resignation would severely hurt his party. So 1. isn't going to work. 2. is treasonous, and I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and state that they were not advocating assassination. 3. will happen regardless of his popularity; he could have 0% or 100% approval and he'd step down the exact same day. 4. is ridiculous with 55 Senate Republicans. And 5. has the same answer as 4. or 2., depending on the conditions surrounding it. So therefore, I can only conclude that once again, these liberals are merely sad, misguided people wasting a day that could otherwise have been spent at work or at study.

Pat: First of all, protest isn't actually designed to remove the President, but rather to solidify the opposition to the administration. People who were merely leaning against him might identify with these people, and become solidly anti-Bush. But these particular protestors I don't identify myself with. Mostly I think protest is useless, especially when it's for causes as hopeless as early removal of a President.

Tim: Have you seen their flyers? They leave them all over Hutch. They say "the Democrats aren't willing to do what it takes to remove the President," and they have links to some radical communist party advocating violent overthrow of the government. Makes this quote: "It seems like there are more police here than there are people," said Leslie Staniszewski, 23, of Chicago. "I don't know what they're expecting from a bunch of pacifists. It's almost like they're trying to provoke something." seem kinda ironic, doesn't it? But from their website:

Link to site

If you help make it happen. November 2 can and must be a real beginning — the day that marks the beginning of the end of the Bush Regime. This CAN be done — if you join in.

The will of the people means nothing to the Bush regime. The people's will must be forged into an organized political resistance which repudiates and reverses the whole direction of society, and forces Bush himself from office.

But here's the scary thing:
"If we drive out the Bush regime, what will replace it?"

What is the point of the question? Are you saying that if we don't have a full vision of where society needs to ultimately go that we should not go anywhere? Are you saying that people should not unite broadly on a great need that desperately calls out to be done, by millions of people all around the planet, because people disagree about what to do once that need is met?

They refuse to answer. Why? Because their answer isn't what people want. "World Can't Wait" is a front for the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party USA. Pacifist my ass. These people have nothing but the destruction of the Constitution as their aim. And it's not just me who discovered this: SF Gate article. If you haven't seen the flyers, Pat, here's why: They're in the copies of Revolution that they leave on the steps of the Reynolds Club and Hutch. Look, if I could find this out just by doing a few Google searches of the names of the organizers, a Whois search, and a few more seconds of poking around their site, why can't the media? Why does the Sun-Times make them seem like mere protestors, not hopeful revolutionaries?

Pat: These marchers aren't communists. Their leaders might be, but just like most Republicans aren't in favor of the deficit or torture, most Democrats aren't in favor of idiot communists.

Tim: That may be, but Jesus, these people are stupid. Revolution? Overthrow? Come on, guys, it's the 21st century. Take off your Che shirts and give it up. Fortunately, in Chicagoland--a metropolitan area of 9.65 million people--they could only find 1,000 people, many of which, like that "we're just pacifists" moron above, didn't even know what they were protesting for. That leaves...ah...9.649 million against the communists, .001 million in favor of them. Yes, the destruction of capitalism is at hand!


Anonymous leslie said...

So my name is Leslie Staniszewski and I in fact said those things, yet they managed to publish that quote with a picture of some kids burning an american flag. i dont really think that was the intent of the protest. anyway, i find this all very amusing, because i went off the deep end trying to distance myself from the insanity of american politics, and now live in, you guessed it, china. and let me just tell you, communism is not what you think it is, but it sure is a nice vacation from the fear factor nation.

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