Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pre-midterm quiz

Pat: So, in Virginia and NJ, Democrats chalked up another pair of victories--and try as you might to spin it away, it's at least in part a referendum on Bush. Back in Minnesota, Bush-endorsing Democratic mayor Randy Kelly was thrown out on his ass. Ahnuld, after having spent $50M of the state's money, $300M of advertising spending (accounts for both sides' spending), and $7M of his own money on his bizarre "special election because the legislature won't do what I want" referendum, was dealt a defeat on every single issue he put to referendum, thus proving that the system of "elected representitives" does indeed have merit. Only in New York was there a Republican victory, with liberal Republican mayor Mike Bloomberg winning it after outspending Ferrier nearly ten to one. I would say this would be an unqualified success for the Democrats. Too bad we couldn't do-over all the '04s too; it seems the chimp took a nosedive once the massive "WE LOVE W" money machine shut off.

Tim: Okay, first of all, it was understood in the creation of this blog that I would never say Demoncrat, Demonicrat, DemocRAT, Democrap, Dim-ocrat, John Skerry, Shrillery, Hellery, LIEberal, or anything similarly juvinile, and in return you would never say Chimp, Chimperor, Chimpy, any other "witticism" involving a monkey and George Bush, you would not tack names like "McCokespoon" or "McFlightsuit" or "O'Deficit" onto either "George" or the aforementioned "Chimpy," nor would you say Rethuglican, Repuke, Repunk, Repugnantcan, Dumbya, Shrub, or any other tired middle-school insult. Next, the Democrats already held those seats, so I wouldn't get too excited. No seats changed hands, except for the all-important posts of Mayor of Saint Paul and Attorney-General of Virginia--and there it was a Dem for a Dem and a Rep for a Dem, respectively. Yeah, Arnold failed, but he should have seen it coming; it was a bad idea from a man who is no more the future of the Republican party than Teddy Kennedy is the future of the Democrats--they're fun sideshows.

Oh, and this is fun: Morons who believe Kerry won '04 and Bush stole it wondering why Bush didn't steal it this time.

Choice quotes:
sucking us in for the next big one
KKKRove is preoccupied
Whoever runs the big show has penciled in a shift in the script, in my opinion.
They let the Dems win the small elections this time to avoid suspicion, and make it look like their machines aren't rigged.
Hello!!!! Who says they didn't try?

You can't make this stuff up, folks! Yes, we even steal the ones you win. Fear us.

And here we have a multiple-choice Why didn't they steal it? Note that "Republicans Don't Actually Steal Elections; We Simply Lost '04 By Ourselves" is not on there. Right now They are trying to throw us off the election fraud scent is winning by a slim margin over The rigging operations and crooked players only in selected states And to think they call themselves "reality-based."

Pat: Um...I'm not sure what Democratic Underground dolts have to do with the Republicans losing two elections that at one point were supposed to go there way (especially in VA) until Bush's poll numbers dropped, but if that makes you feel better, go for it. You seem to have addressed every point peripherally related to the election without actually talking about the election. You lost, it bodes poorly for you for '06, especially since you lost in large part due to distate for Republicans.

Tim: Look, there's nothing to talk about here. You held on to seats you already owned. It would have been a feather in our cap had we won, but we didn't, and so nothing happened. Yeah, we're in a rough patch, but we'll come out. You did pick up governorships in '03, I recall. And that wasn't exactly a bellwether, now was it? It was overall a non-event. An opportunity we missed to bounce back, but since we didn't, everything's the exact same is if there was no election.

Pat: Right, losing two major elections is a "non-event" that makes you have to change the subject every time it comes up.


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