Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Okay, no decent news today.

Pat: Really, nothing interesting today. More on Alito, but nothing new. DeLay got a new judge, but we saw that one coming. Dems forced a special meeting on Iraq, but the new investigation will only report back to the parties, so that's a wash. So here's something else:

What we don't like about our own parties. Three things. Me first.

1. We don't stand for much. I know the Republicans say it and we deny it, but really, all our policies are either "Go along with the Republicans" or "Go against the Republicans." We don't have an agenda.

2. "Together, we can do better" is a terrible slogan. Apparently "America can do better" fizzled with Kerry because we didn't say how we could do better. Togetherness is key, apparently.

3. Partisan dumbasses. No, idiots, Kerry didn't win the election. And no, Bush did not personally order 9-11.

4. We can't frame a debate to save our lives. The Republicans could call tax cuts and deficit spending "Freedomnomics," and we would immediately start talking about how "Democrats disagree with Freedomnomics."

5. Bush bashing. Seriously, positioning ourselves as the Anti-Bush party won't exactly work as soon as the guy's out of office.


1. The Religious Right. Yeah, I'll go along with them on abortion; I can't really see how killing babies can be legal. But I don't really care. And their intelligent design is outright stupid. Yes, let's cripple our next generation of scientists. Who needs technological dominance when we've got the Lawd??

2. Okay, I admit it, Bush is stupid. He's surrounded by bright guys, but personally, while his heart's in the right place, he's a dolt.

3. Partisan dumbasses. Liberals are not persecuting us, we're the majority and we have all the power. And every car bomb in Iraq is not automatically good news, and 2000 deaths in Iraq and 250 billion are not good news because WW2 killed more and cost more.

4. Yeah, the deficit scares me, and Bush really needs to start using his veto, God damn it all. Read those fucking bills, man! Notice those quarter-billion-dollar bridges to nowhere!

5. Stop commiting random crimes. Yes, they really aren't as important as the media's trumped them up to be, and yes, I agree, they may not actually be crimes (but merely actions that, if the law was sensible, would be crimes) but really, guys, you have to expect after Clinton's felonious fellatio that the media will be looking to crucify our leaders. Just keep yourselves clean, dammitall.


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