Thursday, October 13, 2005

US Al Qaida Letter Faked?

DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's wing in
Iraq on Thursday rejected as a fabrication a letter by top group leader Ayman al-Zawahri which was issued by U.S. officials this week, according to an Internet posting.

Link to Reuters article

Tim: Oh, an Al Qaida letter we intercepted uncovered the shocking information that Al Qaida does not have the best interests of the Iraqi people at heart, and now they're denying it? Wow! Surely the people who blow innocent civilians up for fun have no reason to lie about it!

Pat: Oh, a purported Al Qaeda letter we claim to have intercepted has Al Qaida outright repeating Bush talking points? Wow! Surely the Pentagon would never engage in information warfare and fake a letter to win public support!

Tim: First, I could see this going either way. You know, it is possible that Bush said the terrorists wanted to take control of Iraq not because his speechwriters are compulsive liars, but rather because they do, and it isn't shocking to think that perhaps they wrote to each other about how to best do it. But even if we did make this up, it was a good idea. Surely you wouldn't suggest it would be a good thing if Iraqis were sympathetic to Al Qaida. So what if we made it up?

Pat: No, hold on. Do you seriously think that Al Qaeda would write a letter saying, "Hey, look here. Killing innocent babies and children and women, as we do for kicks, turns the Iraqis against us and towards the steadfast leadership of George Bush, who is like the Prophet, God be with him. We should rather join the glorious constitutional process and cast our votes for the constitution!" Seriously. The Zawahri letter warned Zarqawi the killing of Shi'ite civilians and hostages risked alienating Sunnis at a time when al Qaeda in Iraq should be seeking popular support for a new religious state. Do you really believe that?

Tim: It doesn't matter. Either way, it works in our favor, and that's all that matters. Stop getting so hung up on the tiny points.


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