Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The truth is out there

From Fox News: Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Tuesday accused China of understating the scope of its defense spending, and he said this is sowing suspicion about how China intends to use its growing military might.
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From Xinhua: Rumsfeld expressed pleasure over the current growth of US-Chinapolitical and economic ties. He hopes that the two countries will enhance cooperation in anti-terrorism and bird flu control, and further improve bilateral ties. Rumsfeld said he closely follows the growth of US-China military ties and hopes that the two sides will further increase mutual understanding, narrow differences and promote development.
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Fox News: It's interesting that other countries wonder why they would be increasing their defense effort at the pace they are and yet not acknowledging it"

Xinhua: He regarded Sino-US military ties as a very important part of bilateral relations, saying that China holds a very positive attitude towards pushing forward bilateral military ties.

Tim: Just thought it was a bit interesting the way we both go about the same thing.

Pat: At least the Chinese state-run media is trying to calm down popular sentiment. Fox News goes the warmongering, alarmist route.

Tim: Or we could call that the realistic route, you know. I wouldn't hold China as a bastion of journalism.


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