Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tom DeLaid Out

Pat: All right, Tom DeLay's on the ropes. Four admonishments by the Ethics Committee, Abramoff, an indictment for fundraising fraud, a resignation, an upcoming trial...I don't know how much more I can say. I mean, there's enough here for me to rant for hours, and the charges are valid enough that the Apologist Spin Machine is still sputtering.

Tim: Yeah, he's pretty much a bastard.

Pat: Oh, come on, Tim, I can't believe you'd stoop to actually def--wait, what?

Tim: Yeah, he's a bastard. I don't deny it. He's a worm. He's unethical, he's arrogant, he's an ass. But we've known that for years. The question is, is he a lawbreaker?

Pat: I think it's obvious he is.

Tim: But to be fair, you're more partisan than the hack they've got after him.

Pat: Partisan? Ronnie Earle's prosecuted more Democrats than Republicans! Heck, he's so straight arrow, he honestly, no-kidding, once prosecuted himself.

Tim: He may have a strong sense of duty, but realistically that sense of duty is more and more often driving him to go after Republicans. He's losing a grip on reality, he's just going right after Republicans no matter the facts.

Pat: So you're justifying the fact that all the Texas republicans are corrupt by claiming that Earle is prosecuting more Republicans recently? Of course he is! You're in power and you're turning evil! Power corrupts!

Tim: What, and it didn't corrupt Democrats?

Pat: In case you weren't paying attention, I'm not denying the validity of the past prosecution of Democrats. But it might be of interest to you that each past unethical worm he went after--Democrat or Republican--accused him of playing partisan politics. He can't be both a partisan Democrat and a partisan Republican.

Tim: Look, I said he was a worm, what else do you want? Let's just sit back and wait to see if the charges are valid.

Pat: I prefer to chuckle in joy, but thank you.

Tim: You would.


Blogger crallspace said...

I don't know who this conversation is supposed to involve, but Tom DeLAy sucks!

One down, many more to go.

Please, Bush next. Jail the bastard for war crimes.

6:40 PM  

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