Monday, October 03, 2005

More US Kids Eating Fast Food

Link to AP Article

Pat: You know, all the things in the news, and you pick this. Fine, I'm game. Obviously this is sick, obviously this is bad for America's youth, and obviously we need to do something about this. Parents simply are unable to fight the massive amount of advertising funding enticing children to eat this crap.

Tim: Kids are eating fast food. Big deal. Did you know that my second word was "fruh-fry?" No kidding. (My first word was "appa joos," if you were wondering.) I now weigh 160 and stand 6'0. And I'm in pretty good shape. Kids eat McDonalds, yeah. But I don't buy that "advertising funding" business. A seven-year-old can't drive himself to McDonalds, now can he? And he can't pay for his cheeseburger himself. Parents buy their kids that crap. If Americans thought unhealthy eating was a problem, they'd stop their kids from eating at McDonalds.

Pat: I don't think it's so much "parents agree McDonalds is good for kids" but "parents realistically have no time to cook any more."

Tim: You aren't even taking a consistant position. Are parents overworked, or are they unable to fight the ads?

Pat: Both.

Tim: Okay, fine. That's a weak position, and you know it.

Pat: What was the point of this, anyway? It's not even news.


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