Sunday, October 02, 2005

Moon Discovered Orbiting Distant 10th Planet

Link to VoA article

Tim: As interesting as this is, Pat, I don't really understand what the hell this is doing in the blog.

Pat: You know, as a conservative, I thought you'd be interested in this. You know, because it gives you a new place to search for Iraqi WMDs!

Tim: Jesus, don't tell me that's it. Don't tell me you're already putting lame jokes in here, and I have to be your damned straightman. Dammit, I walked right into it. Fine. I'll let you do it this one time, but only because it makes you look petty. And the WMD-looking jokes grew old back in mid-2003.

Pat: Or Bush's Social Security plans! Or the money to finance the war and Katrina rebuilding!

Tim: Or a few million liberal voters so maybe—just maybe—you might win an election one of these decades?


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