Monday, October 03, 2005

Mier-ed in Waste

Tim: Well, personally, I get a good feeling from her. Now, I admit there's not much of a record on her, but--

"She can't separate the forest from the trees," says one former White House staffer.

Tim: Now, hold on.

"She failed in Card's office for two reasons," the official says. "First, because she can't make a decision, and second, because she can't delegate, she can't let anything go. And having failed for those two reasons, they move her to be the counsel for the president, which requires exactly those two talents."

Tim: Dammit, I don't even know anything about her. This isn't fair. Look, as soon as there's anything that comes out about her, I'm posting it up here.

After Bush was elected governor, she represented him in a title dispute over his East Texas fishing house. In 1995, Bush appointed Miers to a six-year term on the Texas Lottery Commission when it was mired in scandal...
She then went on to hold the supremely qualifying position of staff secretary, then as Bush's private legal counsel.

Link to Pat's quotes about Miers

Pat: Sorry, Tim, but there's not a whole lot you can say about this. She's just lame. She's a member of the inner circle, she has no experience, she shouldn't even be in the White House--forget the Supreme Court.


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