Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Laura Bush Joins President's Defense of Miers

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Joining her husband in defense of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, Laura Bush today called her a "role model for young women around the country" and suggested that sexism was a "possible" reason for the heavy criticism of the nomination.

Tim: No, lady. First of all, regarding sexism: People only pretend to listen to you because you are the woman that the man we elected decided he wanted to have sex with. If your dumb ass had been born a man, nobody would listen to a word you say.

Pat: I'm going to let that slide, if only to create a united front here. As an aside, shouldn't you be opposing me on this one?

Tim: Why, so I can get this lightweight crony in a lifetime office? No. I want to see her go down in flames, and an actual intelligent conservative lawyer on the bench.

Pat: Great. Do go on. I'm not about to start defending sexism.

Tim: And "a role model"? What kind of crap is that? "Look, girls, you too can glom your career onto a man's, and then he'll reward you! Remember, girls, don't be a bad old Priscilla Owen or Janice Brown--they made something of themselves by themselves. It's much easier to just do things for a man and hope he gives you a promotion! Bring him coffee! Be a loyalist! Give him a blowjob! Maybe he'll make you a Supreme Court Justice!"

And what's this? "I think people are not looking at her accomplishments." What accomplishments, Laura? "Well, *giggle,* she really likes Georgie, and so do I. And she makes the best coffee, and always gives really cute birthday gifts."

I mean, come on. Sending Laura "Dimbulb" Bush--perhaps the only woman in America who loves the president more than Miers does--to defend the woman is unimpressive. Now, Laura seems like a lovely woman, but when it comes to constitutional law I'd say she would be impressed with anyone who doesn't think Warren Burger is a Crawford drive-through.

Pat: You know, there's not a whole lot of dramatic tension if we agree on this.

Tim: We could argue about the reasons why we don't like her. I mean, I want a decent constructionist nominee, you just like to oppose things George W. Bush does...

Pat: Hey, I gotta have something to do once baseball season's over.


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