Monday, October 24, 2005

It's not really Something Completely Different if we keep going back to it

Pat: So the Sox are up 2-0 in the World Series. Now, bigger leads have indeed been blown (New York, I'm looking at you) and as the sportswriters love to say, Houston plays well in Minute Maid park. They aren't used to playing in Chicago. It's chilly. And there was rain. They might catch cold. Now, the Sox are the best road team in the league, and we already went through the "but the other team has amazing home-field advantage" story with the Angels/Rally Monkey and the Red Sox/Fenway, but it's possible the Astros will actually start playing better at home. And since we only won this last game in the unlikeliest manner (2-out grand slam? Podsednik with a walk-off home run?) that would mean losses. But all we have to do is take 1 of 3 in Houston and take 1 of 2 back in Chicago to win it. And I do hope we take 2 of 3 in Houston (or preferably 2 of 2). But overall, a 2-0 series lead is a very good thing.

Tim: Hey, all luck to you. Red Sox last year, White Sox this year, Cubs next year. Red, White and Blue. The Three Curses lifted in reverse order of length. It'll be awesome.


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