Friday, October 14, 2005

Iraq the Vote

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Sunni insurgents determined to derail this weekend's constitutional referendum attacked the largest Sunni Arab political party Friday, bombing and burning offices and the home of one of its leaders after the group dropped its opposition to the draft charter.
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Pat: Wait, picked bad news out of Iraq? What, you've come over to our side? I thought we were supposed to be disagreeing.

Tim: Bad news? Oh, no. No, no, no. This is the best news that's come out of Iraq in a while. The Sunnis are deciding between violence and politics, and now the violent have turned against everyone else. The terrorists won't be able to gain much support among Sunnis by blowing them up, now will they? They've officially just gone from "crafty" to "idiotic" in my book. Their only hope for success was to curry favor among the Sunni populace at large. But attacks like this will lead to a united Sunni-Shi'a-Kurd front against them. Iraq's success is virtually assured now.

Pat: Yeah, yeah, we've turned the corner, light at the end of the tunnel, honorable peace, whatever. It's really quite twisted when you have to claim that your "good news" from a country you're rebuilding is that the people are so fragmented that they've begun to kill themselves. You have the Shi'a Badr Brigade and Mahdi Army shooting each other in Baghdad, you have the Sunnis blowing each other up, you have Sunni bombs and Shi'a semi-state-sponsored violence against each other...and we claim this will lead to stability. Perhaps this will accelerate the pace of the killing until there is only one Iraqi left alive, who will then vote for himself as President, and we will have a stable democracy.

Tim: This is a good sign. Seriously. The political parties will stand together against the violent threats against them, and this will lead to a constitution passing in a landslide, which will do wonders for the legitimacy of the government in Iraqi eyes.


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