Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fixing a Hole

Pat: And also from the Miers article in the previous post, which apparently decides 2/3 of the way through that it actually wanted to be a Katrina follow-up:
Bush rejected criticism from Democrats that his visits to the region -- this was his eighth -- were largely picture-taking opportunities for publicity and that his administration lacked a coherent reconstruction plan. "I don't think Washington ought to dictate to New Orleans how to rebuild"

Tim: What? He goes down because he cares, and Washington shouldn't dictate how to rebuild. No more story here.

Pat: Well, first of all, it implies that he shouldn't actually do anything besides from getting his picture taken on his visits to New Orleans, because doing things is apparently no longer the President's job.

Tim: No, that's not at all what that means. He's addressing the complaints that the federal government isn't telling New Orleans how to go about its business.

Pat: You know, I think New Orleans has had quite a bit of time to go about its own business without any commands from the Feds. For example, the first week after Katrina hit. But, you see, there isn't much business to go about. This is what the government exists for. If his plan is, "Well, I don't think I should have to make any sorta plan at all," he doesn't have a coherent plan, and therefore he's not rebuffing criticism, he's agreeing with it.

Tim: Look, that is his plan. Let the city fix itself. If your house burns down, you don't wait for the government to come in and tell you how to build a new house. You collect the insurance money and build it yourself.

Pat: A house and a city are different, you know it, and the president knows it. It's why he has such an "ambitious" reconstruction plan (which boiled down, essentially, to tax cuts for Southern businesses and tax cuts for refineries.)

Tim: And that's what we should do, and nothing more. The market will take care of everything else.


Blogger Gyrobo said...

Silly man. A house can't fix itself.

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