Friday, October 28, 2005

Do sportswriters really get paid?

Tim: I'll take this one, you usually seem to be the one who complains about terrible writing when it comes to the Sox. So let's look at David Schoenfield from ESPN on Oct. 25 about Game 3 of the World Series:

My head started spinning around the top of 11th with all the second guessing to do off this crazy, wild, unpredictable, beautiful game...hell of a game, though. This may be the most epic four-game sweep in World Series history.

Now let's look at him just the next day, on Oct. 26, after the four-game sweep was complete.

But I'm afraid we also watched a lot of bad baseball, especially in the World Series. Yes, the games were close, but they weren't exciting. I'm calling it the third-worst World Series of the ESPN era...Game 3 reminded me of a bad Little League game from fifth ranks as a stinker. I mean, who didn't predict the Astros would get shut out tonight? I should have called Shoeless Joe to put some money on that one.

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So it was crazy, wild, unpredictable, beautiful, a hell of a game, and an epic world series...and, at the same time, a stinker, predictable, a bad Little League game, and the third-worst World Series of modern times. And just how "predictable" is a game decided by one run? There was only a 6-run difference over 4 games. What that means is that if four pitches had been different, it would have been a four-game Astros sweep. How predictable.

And, once again, the games "aren't exciting" because they don't involve the Red Sox - Yankees subtext, but rather subtexts from histories in other cities. Newsflash: Red Sox - Yankees romance bores the hell out of everyone who isn't from the Northeast. At least the Cubs have a history lazy sportswriters have heard of.

Jesus, who pays for these people? Do people take them seriously?


Blogger Andre Edgerson said...

That's precisely why i started my blog because Rick Riley who writes for says that Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Troy Aikman, and Dan Marino who is already there should not be in the hall of fame. I said to myself are these guys really getting paid to write this garbage. So i definetly feel your pain brother hit me back.

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