Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cheney doing "Great Job," McClellan says

Pressed about Cheney's knowledge about the CIA officer, McClellan said: "I think you're prejudging things and speculating and we're not going to prejudge or speculate about things."

McClellan said Cheney — who participated in a morning video conference on the Florida hurricane from Wyoming, where he is speaking at a University of Wyoming dinner tonight — is doing a "great job" as vice president.

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Tim: Well, I'm inclined to agree. There is no evidence that he committed any sort of crime, and--


The infidel prosecuters will be roasted in their own juices! I swear to you now that Dick Cheney has committed no crimes, and just like DeLay, Libby, Frist and Rove, he will have his vengeance if the foolish partisans attempt their fraudulent tricks!

Tim: Come on now, seriously, an indictment is not a guilty verdict. An indictment means nothing. All an indictment means is that a prosecuter became a persecuter and threw some charges at the wall. They won't stick.


The Democrats' pathetic indictments mean nothing to us! They will be thrown out of court just as their pitiful bodies will be thrown out of Congress after the glorious Republican victories in 2006! Cheney is doing a great job, just as Brown did 'a heck of a job' at FEMA, just as George Tenet gave us 'darn good intelligence' on Iraq, and just as Harriet Miers is an 'extremely qualified woman.' All the things the infidels have told you are lies, and any so-called 'case' is only prejudgement and evil speculation.

Tim: Would you stop that?


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