Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bill Bennett

"If you wanted to reduce crime, you could—if that were your sole purpose—you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down."

Tim: First of all, what he's saying is true. Don't try to deny it. Your PC nature may scream that saying it is offensive, but it's true. You yourself have told me on many an argument that abortion decreases the crime rate. Well, it's also a fact that blacks commit more crimes than whites do. Decrease the number of blacks, and you'll decrease the number of crimes. So what the man's saying is true. But the real point isn't that. The real point is the argument I just referred to—the liberal argument that since abortion decreases crime, it's acceptable. If that were true—if lowered crime rates were worth the abortions it took—then it would be our duty to abort every black baby in America to lower crime. That's an offensive argument, and that's the point. It's unthinkable to force mass abortions to lower the crime rate. But that's the logical conclusion of the argument you made. And since the conclusion is false—it is not moral to murder every black baby in America to lower crime rates—the premise is false as well. Abortion is not an acceptable means to lower the crime rate.

Pat: Look, I don't deny that most of the progressive attacks on Bennett are slightly misguided, or perhaps misworded. But the truth is there. The problem isn't Bennett's argument; only an idiot would think he was actually serious with his modest proposal, and unfortunately idiots scream the loudest and have the best rhetoric. The problem, as I see it, is that Bennett's first thought as to who commits crimes is "black people." And so for his reducto ad absurdum, he doesn't say, "well, then shouldn't we abort *everyone* and have a crime rate of zero?" or even the moderately-offensive "well, then, why not abort poor children of broken homes?" but rather immediately links blacks to crime, as if an upper-middle-class black home spawns as many criminals as a broken drug-riddled tragic home in Chicago's South Side.

Tim: Yes, it is offensive, and like I just said, that's the point. He was trying to be offensive, to show how utterly offensive the liberal argument there is.

Pat: What's offensive isn't his awkwardly-worded point, it's how readily he links blacks to crime. There is nothing in the genetic makeup of a dark-skinned American that makes them more crime-prone than a light-skinned American. It's the societies they're born into, and any discussion about crime should start and end with the problems facing the American inner-city societies that breed crime, not the residents trapped in them.

Tim: All semantics aside, you still agree with his argument, right? All you've found wrong with it is that "Well...he shouldn't have implied that crimes are committed by the group most likely to commit them."

Pat: No, I think his argument is wrong. Not offensive, just misguided. Nobody is *forcing* abortions on black women. Rather, lowered crime rates are an indictor of one of the positive aspects of abortion: fewer unwanted children. Potential mothers who know they couldn't give a future baby the life it would deserve—the upbringing that would nurture it into a productive, responsible adult— can choose to prevent such a doomed life from coming into the world. Abortion lowers the number of unwanted, unloved, unhappy lives in the world—and lets women wait until they can have a child that America can be proud to call an American. It's a choice women make for themselves and for their families. And in the end, that makes it a choice they make for America.

Tim: Jesus, are you seriously calling women who kill their children because they're too irresponsible to care for them heroes?

Pat: No, I'm calling them responsible adults. Irresponsible is having a child you can't take care of.

Tim: And so we're back to the argument of whether or not abortion is actually killing a baby.

Pat: You know, next abortion argument, let's just skip right to these last two lines, okay? "It isn't, it is, it isn't, it is." There. Argument over. Wait for next court challenge, wash, rinse, repeat.


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