Saturday, October 08, 2005

And now for something completely different, part two.

Pat: let me just certify the next induction into the idiot bandwagon-jumper hall of fame. You northsiders who decided you really always wanted a new Sox hat just as October started, you only wish you could be this man.

This man is Gene Wojciechowski, ESPN's senior sports columnist, who said right after the White Sox blew the Red Sox out 14-2, Any talk of a White Sox sweep is the result of one too many spoonfuls of cough medicine. (link)

And then, after the White Sox completed the sweep, reversed positions and said The better team not only won, it dominated...How can you doubt a team that forced the Red Sox into a playoff 0-fer, that pitched better, fielded better, managed better, ran better and, pardon the grammar, clutch-hit better? (link)

Go take a nice, big, celebratory swig of cough medicine.


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