Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito Bandito

Link to article, in case you somehow missed out on it.

Tim: Finally. After that embarassing Miers mess, we finally have a judge who actually deserves nomination. He's argued 12 cases on the Supreme Court, been a federal judge for 15 years, has a solid record of respect for the constitution...this is the man Bush should have suggested first. This is not some lightweight, fluff-headed personal friend of Bush, this is a dynamic conservative powerhouse who is set to get things fixed.

Pat: "Of course, he's against abortion," 90-year-old Rose Alito said of her son, a Catholic. We're not even trying to do this Miers stealth-attack. He's laid out the groundwork for a war. And now the Democrats better give him a war. This isn't about putting a good nominee on the court, this is an in-your-face display of conservative dominance after months of pathetic weakness on the part of the White House.

Tim: So what if it is? Bush can hardly operate effectively if he's seen as a lame duck. There's no better way for him to regain his ground than for him to regain his base, and once he has an operating base again, he'll be able to regain traction in the media war, and thus repair his numbers.

Pat: So you admit this is just political grandstanding.

Tim: Of course, it's "just political," it's politics. And grandstanding is part of politics.

Pat: I know grandstanding's part of politics; don't patronize me. But grandstanding is also a failure to do right by America. That Rosa Parks display, that was grandstanding at an opportune time. Praise a good woman and link yourself with her in peoples' minds. But a Supreme Court nominee is not time for grandstanding. It's a time for sobriety, and the giddy response Alito belies more an atmosphere of confrontational partisanship than anything else. And it's time Democrats expose confrontational partisanship for what it is.

Tim: You were complaining that Bush was "pulling the wool over our eyes" with Roberts, and we agreed that Miers was a vacant question mark. And now you're complaining about Alito's record. Talk about partisanship.

Pat: It isn't partisanship, it's recognizing a partisan attack when you see one. Bush has neglected his base for too long, and they're getting upset. He realized with Miers that he couldn't get anything moderate past you guys, and has decided to take his chances with a battle. But he didn't want a battle. And so we'll give him a battle.

Tim: "Give him a battle?" Oh, yeah, Bush's the partisan one here.


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